30-06 Springfield Ammo For Sale In  Stock
30-06 ammo for sale. The .30-06 Springfield ammo was introduced in 1906 in the United States Army. 30 refers to the bullet caliber in inches while the 06 refers to the year in which the cartridge was adopted which was 1906.

The Springfield 30-06 replaced the 30-03 ammo , 30-40 Krag, and 6mm Lee Navy cartridges.

The 30-06 Springfield was the U.S Army primary rifle for almost 50yers before being replaced by the 5.56x45mm NATO and 7.62x51mm NATO which are currently used in the NATO and U.S service.

30 06 Springfield ammo was developed to shoot at 1,000 yards. The original cartridge had a 150 grains flat-based jacketed bullet.

Some of the positive points of the 30-06 ammo for sale are its accuracy; the 30-06 cartridge is one of the best bullets for short, medium, and long-range shooting.

These ammunitions are less expensive, and therefore you can afford more bullets and train.

This ammunition has a variety of bullet weights and velocities. Handloaders work with bullets from 100-grains to 220 grains in styles from flat-nose to round-nose.

Rifles can be more convenient in 30-06 Springfield rounds because it maximizes performance in 22- to 24-inch barrels.

Due to its lighter rifle weight, the 30-06 is convenient for hunts involving climbing and hiking. Shop bulk 30 06 ammunition online!