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Our store has a vast collection of in-stock 410 Ammo for sale. .410 Cartridges presents as the smallest caliber of a shotgun shell in stock to take down pets with ease due to its high punch capability. The 410 ammo has similar bodies with 45 colt Ammo which allows multiple single-shot firearms and other derringers chambered in that caliber to shoot .410 shotshell without modifications.

In 1874 the 410 cartridges originated in England and were manufactured by the Eley Brothers. 410 Cartridge has seen the best performance in self-defense since it has the required force to stop a threat but processes next to no risk of destroying or damaging what’s behind your target. 410 Ammo for sale manufacturers; HEVI-Shot, Winchester, Remington, and more.

The 410 Ammunition is best when it comes to hunting and can be called 410 gauge. The diameter of 410 Cartridge; is 410 inches, neck diameter of .455 inches, base diameter of .470 inches, rim thickness of about .060 inches, and rim diameter of .535 inches. Muzzle velocity and muzzle energy are both dependent on the bullet weight of the 410 cartridges. And also its muzzle energy ranges from 954 J to 1530 J and its muzzle velocity from 1100ft/s to 1800ft/s.

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