The Desert Eagle is probably the most famous pistol in the world. Due to its incredibly strong recoil and the force of the projectile, the weapon gained its reputation. The DEagle is also welcome in games and movies. The weapon is manufactured by Magnum Research in the USA and is particularly popular with sports shooters.
Thanks to the official CyberGun license, the replica of WE has all the logos and lettering of the original manufacturer, Magnum Research. The weapon is made entirely of metal with the exception of the handle scales. The massive and beefy closure of the weapon is divided into two parts. The front half stands rigidly with the barrel in the weapon and at the same time wears the typical Desert Eagle mounting rail for optics. The rear part moves with each shot and thus also generates the strong recoil of the weapon. This is also the special feature of the WE version, as the closure moves all the way and also snaps into place in the rear position. A rigid kimme/grain target is mounted on the closure. The frame of the weapon is also made of metal. The structured handle scales are made of plastic and bear the magnum Research logo. In general, the logos are very clean and deeply embedded in the Metarial and give a very high-quality and realistic impression. The controls of the weapon are fully functional. The weapon is delivered with a 21-shot gas magazine.
Inside, almost all components are made of metal; in some places with high load also made of steel. The nozzle of the pistol almost resembles that of an M4 GBB Thus, a higher volume is ready to move the massive closure. Due to the large magazine, this is also possible without any problems. The hop up system of the weapon is fully adjustable and can be adapted to the needs of the shooter.
The Desert Eagle is massive, large and has a strong and loud recoil. For the game on the premises, one would almost use this pistol rather as the main weapon. As a pistol, however, the weapon will convince and appeal above all collectors because all official licenses are available here. The pistol is fun in any case and should not be missing from anyone who is interested in weapons.


  • Caliber: 6mm
  • Inner barrel diameter: 6.03 mm
  • Blowback: Yes
  • Color: Silver
  • Age rating: Age rating 18
  • Magazine capacity: 21
  • Model: Desert Eagle Series
  • Weapon type: Pistol
  • Energy: 1.1
  • Drive type: GAS
  • Material: Metal
  • BB recommendation: 0,25g
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